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2016 Selfie Portraits

We are so excited for our second year of Selfie Portraits from our community youngsters. Last year we met so many young and talented artists from throughout the community and we had an amazing turnout for the first Selfie Show.

Please send your selfie by November 28th to gallery@artelementsgallery.com. All Selfies will be on display for Newberg's First Friday on December 2, from 5-8 pm.

About "Selfie" Art

Throughout art history, artists have been creating self portraits, or what we like to call “selfies” today.  Artists often use paint, pencil, or even clay to express who they are and what they are passionate about. At ART Elements, we want to inspire everyone to ditch their phone or camera, and create their own Selfie Portrait. We will be giving an art supply basket to each of the age categories participating. 

INSTRUCTIONS: how to make your Selfie Portrait


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