Cindy Hoskisson


Cindy Hoskisson has worked in ceramics for over 30 years. Her area of focus is alternative firing methods: Raku, Wood-Fired, and Pit-Fired. Cindy has been the Kiln Master of East Creek Anagama for almost 20 years, the oldest kiln of its kind this side of the Mississippi. She has also fired many times at the Noble Hill Wood-Firing kiln, as well as several others including Hay Creek in Wisconsin. In addition, Cindy has taught ceramics in a variety of environments, and has enjoyed mentoring more than a few potters, both at the wheel and at the kiln. 

Cindy works in both porcelain and stoneware, making many functional and non-functional works. For the last 20 years, she has focused largely on the bottle form, enjoying its many shapes and sizes as well as the surface it provides for decorating or attracting the glaze effect she wants from the kiln.
Cindy Hoskisson $ 200.00
Cindy Hoskisson $ 150.00
Cindy Hoskisson $ 1,200.00
Cindy Hoskisson $ 70.00