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Donna LaPlante

Glass (kiln-formed)

Using her graphic design background, Donna LaPlante brings an experienced eye for color and composition to her kiln-formed glass art. Donna has successfully shown at many juried shows and her work is on permanent display in the guest rooms at The Allison Inn & Spa in Newberg, Oregon. Fellow seasoned artists have recognized her for her workmanship and excellent use of color, design and technique. Glass is a complex medium and its inherent difficulties satisfy Donna’s thirst for experimentation. Armed with 20-plus years of graphic design experience, she creates art that incorporates the unusual: copper inclusions, reactive glasses, sandblasting, kiln carving or a difficult kiln schedule.

In 2006, I plunged into the world of kiln-formed glass. The connection was so strong that within months I was gearing up my own studio. It is here that I design, analyze and discover. All of my work begins as a single sheet of glass. I add cut glass, crushed glass (frit) and glass rods (stringers) to add color, texture and dimension. Most of my work requires two, three or four firings that take 18 to 24 hours each to achieve the end result. The pieces are fired in a glass kiln following very precise schedules. With each firing between 1200 and 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, glass is fully fused into a single layer, embellishments are tack-fused to the surface and the piece is slumped into a mold. Three days later when I finally open the kiln for the last time, I discover my new ‘favorite’ piece. My work is described as precise, well-composed explosions of color - a nod to my desire to maintain order while including an element of surprise. Each piece reflects my passion for color, texture and contemporary design, and invites the viewer to touch and take a closer look.