Gallery Collection - Rick Lee

Georgia Gerber - These represent love and liveliness to me.  Both pairs of snuggling bears seem so in love with one another, and the dancing mice make we smile whenever I’ve seen them — I’ve taken photos of more than one human friend dancing with them.  I especially like how the two larger pieces are on the grounds of the Alison, very close to one another, so they came be enjoyed  by strolling visitors in the fresh air.

Michael Orwick - These resonate with me especially this year when I have felt more homebound and isolated.  They capture so beautifully some of my favorite Oregon scenery, in filtered lighting that enhances their serenity.  It makes me long for the times that I will go to these places and take in their beauty with my own eyes, but until that day I have these portals to enjoy them.

Sarah Joy Moore - Sarah’s work often reminds me of looking through the peephole of a doorway, to see something amazing on the other side that was hidden before.  This one is very special to me, because it so brilliantly captures our enormous galaxy through a tiny window.  The night skies have been especially fascinating to me in this year that I have come to appreciate nature like never before — the flowers seemed to bloom longer this spring and summer, the garden harvest was more abundant, fall foliage was more colorful, and every month the night skies seem to offer up a new “once in a lifetime” spectacle.  I love that we can all experience those skies in our solitude, and yet we share them with the entire world — when we look skyward, all of the differences that separate us (borders, language, politics, religion) just melt away, because we all share the same sky.

Michael Orwick $ 7,200.00