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Jennifer Pahl

Jennifer Pahl, Artist

Landscape and Abstract Paintier (acrylic and mixed media)

Ms. Biddox, Jennifer Pahl’s seventh grade art teacher, is to blame – she told Jennifer she was a good artist and Jennifer believed her; she didn’t know any better. Over the years, Jennifer experimented with various media. Recently, she discovered a love of mixed media. Not only can Jennifer put her finger painting to good use and watch her colors become friends (or enemies), but she can also introduce external factors to spice it up – handmade paper, texture additives, wine labels, and found objects.

It’s like inviting a new and mysterious guest to a dinner party and watching how this simple dynamic changes the people you think you know. Color is the reason I paint. I thrive on the intimate, volatile, and evolving relationships between each and every member of the ol’ color wheel. They are like my friends. Orange is my BFF. I find her vibrant, easy-going, and flexible. Creating artwork is an intimate experience and the result is a living, breathing, and beautiful object. My goal is for the final piece to become a part of your family…making you smile, laugh, and sometimes just stare off in wonderment of times gone by…and times to come.


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