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Melinda Cowdery

Multiple media (fused glass, acrylics, oils, collage, watercolors)
Passed in December 2014

Oregon Coast artist Melinda Cowdery spent all her life drawing, designing and painting. Born in Colorado, in 1953, Melinda lived with her family in California and Washington, and studied at the Museum Art School in Portland, Oregon, until 1973. Melinda’s interests in art led her to a professional career in fine jewelry design and manufacture, which continued for more than 30 years. She also pursued interests in costume design, graphic design, and painting as a hobby. In 1986, Melinda decided to pursue a professional career in painting. While studying and working with several prominent Northwest artists, she began focusing on watercolors, which became her specialty media. In 1988 she made her professional debut at the Ryan Gallery and immediately became a popular Northwest artist.

Melinda worked in a variety of media including fused glass, acrylics, oils, collage and watercolors. Her work is known for rich, vibrant color; dynamic composition; graceful movement; and the expression of her love of all animals, great or small. Several of her pieces have been published as posters and limited-edition prints.

Melinda Cowdery passed away in December 2014.