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Diablo Palo - SOLD

by: Don MacLane

Stainless Steel & Basalt Stones

46" High x 4" Deep  x  4" Wide (Rocker tip to tip)     (unmoving) 

48" in diameter x  4" Deep   (in motion approximate maximum) 

Wall mounted series pair of pendulums. The largest pendulum has a stone weight at one end of its shaft, spins about a bearing about  2/3 along that shaft and supports a second medium sized pendulum at the opposite end. The second pendulum has a rock weight at each end of its shaft, spins about a bearing near its midpoint and has a movable weight along the arm leading to the smaller stone.  Changing the position of the weight allows the observer to alter the frequency of the smaller pendulum. Different frequencies yield different rhythmic patterns of motion as kinetic and potential energy is passed between the pendulums. The motion pattern is also dependent on the initial conditions angle and angular velocity as the observer sets the piece into motion. Locating the weight so its upper surface aligns with marks filed in the arm result in frequency ratios 2:1, 3:2, 4:3, 5:4, 6:5 and 1:1 (f main pendulum/ f smaller pendulum, moving the weight from closest the hub toward the rock at the end)

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