March 29th - June 4th       Show Reception on Saturday, April 9th from 2pm-4pm

This latest exhibition showcases the beauty of Oregon Forests through the creations of local artists who are inspired by the delights of nature. With the effects of past forest fires in mind, our featured artists created works that bring attention to the significance of the local woodlands. The artworks of this exhibition give a sense of wonder at the ways nature actively displays growth, rejuvenation, and healing.

To honor the beauty and importance of our local forests, Art Elements Gallery will be donating a portion of sales from this show to "One Tree Planted" - an organization helping with reforestation efforts in the state of Oregon and around the world. To learn more about this organization, click here. 


Tom Willing $ 500.00
Don Bishop $ 1,800.00
Tom Willing $ 500.00
Michael Orwick $ 1,355.00
Tom Willing $ 375.00
Mark Terry $ 395.00
Tom Willing Sold Out
Tom Willing $ 345.00
Molly Reeves $ 2,300.00
Tom Willing $ 400.00
Molly Reeves $ 845.00
Christine Joy Swanson $ 5,200.00
Michael Orwick $ 1,355.00
Tom Willing $ 335.00
Mark Terry $ 4,500.00