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Gallery Collection - Sarah Moore

In this grouping, I am drawn to the warm and natural colours that bring attention to subtle details in each piece.

I have always greatly enjoyed Marilyn Higginson’s artwork, especially this painting, “Hazelnuts & Wheat”. The gentle glow of the sun gives a sense of hopefulness that draws me into the scene and brings me a sense of peace.

I enjoy how the three-dimensional work complements this painting. The wood-fired bottle vessels by Cindy Hoskisson and the glass vase by Kelly Howard have deeply beautiful color tones that harmonize with Marilyn’s scene.

Of course, I cannot help but think that a little mouse would likely live and venture around a hazelnut field and wheat orchard. The bronze “Native Deer Mouse” by Rip Caswell is an endearing figure and seemed, to me, to make the grouping complete.