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Susan Black

Susan is an artist and a writer living in Aurora, Oregon, with watercolor as her primary medium, though she likes to experiment with other media as well. She has long enjoyed graphite, charcoal and pastel, on their own and because they can enhance watercolor. She also make art/word journals. Her goal is to cultivate her own creativity and, by her example, encourage others to cultivate theirs.

In my paintings and drawings, I depict what interests me — usually the landscape and the abstract. Sometimes I can’t tell the difference! I seek simplification and I enjoy experimentation. I want to distill my chosen subject, emotion or thought to what I feel is its basic sense — preferably in a way that would not occur to anyone else.

I consider my art/word journals a new part of a long identification as a writer because they connect my love of words with my love of visual imagery. Each journal tells a story! I did, after all, major in literature and minor in art history, way back in college. My pre-art career in PR and corporate communications relied on my ability to write, and I continue to undertake freelance writing projects for local media and corporate clients. And you can read my blogs on my website – www.blackstarstudio.me.