Don MacLane

$ 2,195.00

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Stainless Steel & Basalt Stone

25" High  x  12" Deep  x  12' Wide 8.5" diameter disk      (unmoving) 

<27" High   ~ 30" in diameter (in motion, approximate maximum)

Three pendulum piece. The largest of these pendulums is mounted on a pedestal and supports a second, smaller, pendulum that then supports the smallest pendulum. The rotational axis of the pendulums are not parallel so that, when set in motion by the observer, they sweep through space in a chaotic manner. Each pendulum is fitted with an adjustable weight that changes the oscillation frequency and can be positioned to invert the pendulum. These adjustments allow the observer to alter the form of the sculpture and its movement. The pattern of motion of the sculpture depends on the weight positions, amount of energy given each of the pendulums, their relative angular position and velocity as they are set in motion. The pendulum arms are marked to locate the weights for a series of adjustments that are interesting. These marks serve as a starting point for exploring the possible forms and motion patterns.

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