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by: Don MacLane

$ 1,660.00

Stainless Steel & Basalt Stone, Freestanding on Granite Slab 

8.0" High x  9.0" Deep 7.5" Wide  (unmoving) 

8.0" High x  9.0" Deep x  <16" Wide   (in motion approximate maximum) 

Elliptical Lilly form rocker supporting a pendulum. The weight on the pendulum arm can be moved to alter the frequency of the pendulum from approximately equal to over twice of the rocker frequency. Setting the piece in motion with different frequencies and starting conditions for the pendulum and rocker result in different patterns of motion.

*Not available to purchase online. Please contact ART Elements Gallery (503) 487-6141 for any inquiries.

Collections: Don MacLane

Category: metal, online, Sculpture, Steel

Type: Unknown Type