Root Digger

Don MacLane

$ 2,675.00

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Stainless Steel & Basalt Stones Freestanding on Granite Slab

18.5" High x  12" Deep 22.25" Wide   (unmoving) 

18.5" High x  < 30" Deep x 22.25" Wide  (in motion approximate maximum) 

A stone rocker supports a stainless steel frame and pendulum. The rock weight on the end of the pendulum travels within a crenulation in the frame. A movable weight on the upper arm of the pendulum allows the observer to alter the frequency of the pendulum. Changing the frequency results in different rhythmic patterns of motion as kinetic and potential energy is passed between the rocker and pendulum. Reflection of the piece in the base is also an important part of the work. This piece was inspired by digging sticks seen at the museum on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation. The rocking stone is similar to rocking food grinding stones seen in the mountains of Peru.

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