Don MacLane

$ 1,860.00

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Stainless Steel & Basalt Stones Freestanding on Granite Slab

8.4" High x  9.1" Deep x  9.5" Wide (Rocker tip to tip)     (unmoving) 

8.4" High x  9.1" Deep x 9.5" Wide (Pendulum tip to tip)   (in motion approximate maximum) 

A conical rocker consisting of a sphere at the point and an elliptical rod form supports a pendulum revolving about the cone's axis. The pendulum has a fixed stone weight at one end and a movable counterweight at the other. As the rocker and pendulum move, energy cycles between kinetic and potential forms and is transferred between the pendulum and rocker. Since their periods of motion are not equal, they move with an interesting rhythmic pattern as one catches up to then passes the other. The pendulum's  counterweight can be positioned to alter the frequency and thus change the pattern of motion of the sculpture. The pattern is also dependent on the initial conditions, angle and velocity given the pendulum and rocker as the observer sets the piece in motion. I have filed marks in the pendulum rod that serve as starting points for positioning the weight.

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