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Experience Oregon through ART ART Elements Gallery, Newberg, Oregon

ART Elements Gallery is located in historic downtown Newberg, the gateway to Oregon Wine Country.  We are dedicated to showcasing and promoting local and regional artists from Oregon by being the catalyst that connects their artwork to our community and clients from around the globe.

Visitors enjoy artwork styles ranging from contemporary to modern, abstract and impressionistic, and in various media including: paintings, ceramics, woodwork, sculpture, glass, drawings and jewelry.

ART Elements believes that art and culture are important aspects for a balanced and full life. It is with passion for connecting the artist and the community that you will find our gallery to be a friendly and fun place to experience the beauty and bounty of Oregon through ART.

604 E. 1st Street
Downtown Newberg, Oregon
Open Tuesday Saturday 10 am – 5 pm
(503) 487-6141


Tangie Pape BelmoreComplex mixed media canvases that strive to tell a story in they many layers. Textural and touchable, subtle and quite feeling, in neutral metallic tones with surprise elements of sparkle. These works are a continuation of my "Granite Series." I strive to find beauty in the most humble materials, reflecting nature's brilliance. Chaos into beauty, a balance between chance and intuition, freeing myself from the confines of an image in order to find new meaning in the object."

Tangie Pape Belmore

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