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ART Elements features over 50 Oregon artists and select artists from The Allison Inn & Spa. 
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The Allison Inn & Spa

ART Elements and its design team consult art purchasing for residential and commercial properties of all sizes and budgets.

ART Elements responds to RFPs for public art and also consults on larger art collections for public spaces and private businesses. Most of the Gallery's artists live in close proximity, and we are able to contact them about their studio work at any time, therefore giving our clients a larger variety of artwork outside of our Gallery inventory.

Commercial clients include:
The Allison Inn & Spa, Randall's Children's Hospital, Chemeketa Community College, Hazelden Springbrook, National Loan and Acquisition, Portland Community College, Providence Newberg, Austin Industries and A-dec. 

Regardless of your place of residence, ART Elements can facilitate your art requests to help you find the perfect piece of art for your home. Locally (within a 25 mile radius), the team can bring art to your residence that meets your budget, space and style.

Do you live far away? Provide the team with photos of your space and design elements. We can superimpose a variety of art options into your space. Please contact the Gallery to set up a time to speak with one of our art consultants at (503) 487 - 6141 or email gallery@artelementsgallery.com

Gallery Blog

A Technique of the Modern Age: The History of Plein Air Painting

May 24, 2016

Gustave Courbet, Bonjour Monsieur Courbet” (1854) Gustav Courbet depicts himself with all his painting gear in his pack, greeting friends on his way to paint out of doors. This is the most iconic representation of plein air painting.   The practice of painting en plein air (a french phrase that translates loosely to painting in “full” or “open” air) is a favorite pursuit of many of our landscape painters here at Art Elements. As this is a phrase we hear often around the gallery, I thought it might be fun to dig a little bit into the history of this particular painting tradition to learn a little more about it, and to see what gets our artists like Don Bishop, Romona... Continue Reading →