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Scott Parrish

Working with wood is nothing new to Scott Parrish. He has been harvesting and splitting wood for the past 40 years to supply his home with wood heat.

About 5 years ago, Scott purchased his first wood lathe and began turning beautiful vessels from exotic woods and some scraps from is extensive wood pile. Scott focuses in creating interesting shapes that bring out the beauty of the wood. As his expertise grew so did the size of his work.

He loves to make large platters and bowls that come from legacy trees that he has harvested himself from the family homestead and other properties he owns. These are all trees that have become diseased or need to come down for safety reasons. It is the perfect repurposing for these heritage trees to have another life and share their story with clients.

Scott’s work is not only beautiful and functional, but it captures the true nature and story of these trees, many of which have stood tall in the Willamette Valley for over a century.

He is currently slabbing Black Walnut and Oregon White Oak trees for future use. It takes a year per inch to dry enough to make into a vessel or plate without warping.