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The Art Block - Filling the Blank Wall


The Art Block
a form of writer’s block for walls

Just like a writer, you may have the occasional creative block when you have a bare wall in your home. It can be very frustrating. We're here to help you find that piece of art that perfectly fits your space, style and budget. 

"We believe that adding artwork in your home is like adding a new member to your family. It is a very important decision and we want to help you find that piece of artwork."  
Loni Parrish
ART Elements owner & art consultant

How can you get art suggestions?

  • Measure the wall or a piece of furniture next to the space and give us those dimensions (it gives us a sense of scale)
  • Give us a call or email us your art preferences and budget (503) 487-6141
  • Send images of your current blank wall/space from different angles to gallery@artelementsgallery.com
  • Once we receive your inquiry and images, we will send your personalized art option

We represent over 50 artists with hundreds of unique works. Our team keeps constant mental tabs of all of our artwork for occasions just like this. Our residential consulting clients receive images like the following with several options to choose from.




Lauren Wylie
Lauren Wylie


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