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About Us

Established in 2010, ART Elements Gallery is located in the heart of historic downtown Newberg, in a mid-century building renovated by founder Loni Parrish and longtime friend Lauren Wylie.

While curating the Allison Inn and Spa’s art collection for her family, Loni invited select artists to join her gallery when she opened it a year later. These esteemed artists are still core to the Art Elements Gallery Collection as the Gallery’s stable of artists has grown to over fifty.

ART Elements encourages art and culture to be part of everyone’s life experience, so the Gallery often has fun hands-on experiences such as the famous monster workshops, artist demonstrations, and ever changing monthly exhibits featuring “artist talks.” The vast range of artwork represented in the Gallery originates from one common theme, the beauty and bounty of Oregon.


ART Elements takes great pride in our collection of art and the artists who created it. The variety of artwork includes traditional landscapes, contemporary modern art, ceramics, blown and fused glass, woodwork, outdoor sculptures, and jewelry.

The artwork reflects an Oregon experience that gives the collector a special connection to our unique and beautiful state with its warm hospitality and authenticity.

Each of our artists represented at ART Elements was selected by Loni and Lauren for their diverse unique style and persona. Our artists are dear friends and we are happy to share their passion and creativity with visitors throughout the world.

If you are an artist inquiring about representation please contact us here.



ART Elements and its design team consult art purchasing for residential and commercial properties of all sizes and budgets.


ART Elements responds to RFPs for public art and also consults on larger art collections for public spaces and private businesses. Most of the Gallery's artists live in close proximity, and we are able to contact them about their studio work at any time, therefore giving our clients a larger variety of artwork outside of our Gallery inventory. 

ART Elements and its design team consult their clients on art purchasing for residential and commercial properties of all sizes and budgets. Please contact the Gallery to set up a time to speak with one of our art consultants at (503) 487 - 6141 or email gallery@artelementsgallery.com

Commercial clients include:
The Allison Inn & Spa, Randall's Children's Hospital, Chemeketa Community College, Hazelden Springbrook, National Loan and Acquisition, Portland Community College, Providence Newberg, Austin Industries and A-dec. 


Regardless of your place of residence, ART Elements can facilitate your art requests to help you find the perfect piece of art for your home. Locally (within a 25 mile radius), the team can bring art to your residence that meets your budget, space and style.

Do you live far away? Provide the team with photos of your space and design elements. We can superimpose a variety of art options into your space. Please contact the Gallery to set up a time to speak with one of our art consultants at  (503) 487 - 6141 or email gallery@artelementsgallery.com



Owner & ART Consultant
Gallery Manager
Gallery Representative



Loni’s passion for art started as a young girl. Loni loved to draw and spent many hours with sketchbook in hand. She was fortunate to have several opportunities to travel around the world and experience art with her mother, who encouraged her to pursue her own creativity.

After graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Art from Oregon State University, Loni created and sold her own pastel work while enjoying a career in gallery sales and management at the Lawrence Gallery at Salishan, and at the Carole Smith Gallery in Salem.

While raising her children on the family homestead, Loni began teaching art literacy in public and private schools as a volunteer. Loni believes that art saves lives and it is a basic need/right for everyone. Thus she has dedicated her life to giving opportunities for others to have access to art and culture. Places like the Chehalem Cultural Center, a center she helped start over ten years ago, as well as ART Elements Gallery, are proof to her commitment and dedication.

She now uses her creative talents to transform historical buildings into new usable spaces for unique business opportunities with a fresh contemporary look while maintaining respect for the legacy of the past. From spatial design, color palettes, furnishings, and ultimately artwork consulting, Loni can assist with any size project.

Loni’s personal collection is an eclectic mix of found treasures from her travels as well as abstract and landscape paintings.


With a background of a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Art Therapy, Sarah is passionate about the importance of art and the effect it has on human wellbeing. Her warm and inviting personality, as well as her knowledge and passion for art, is a valuable contribution to the gallery.

She enjoys the opportunity to invite people to experience beauty and meaning through art. She values the ability to represent local artists and share their work with those who venture into the gallery. Inspired by the art and nature of Oregon, Sarah enjoys painting, drawing, reading, and going on walking adventures in her spare time.