Sandy Visse


Sandy Visse’s interest in pottery grew out of her joyful reaction to an exhibit of ceramic farm animals while doing social work in Arizona.  Following that exposure and a move to Colorado, she began working with clay as her form of therapy from the demands of two small children.  That interest, as well as her children, grew throughout the years.  Sandy and her husband moved their family back to Oregon in 1976 and she has been working with clay ever since.  Although she is primarily self-taught, she does gain inspiration and knowledge from different art or ceramic classes or workshops she attends.  Sandy has been a member of the Oregon Potters’ Association for many years as well as a women’s art group called Local 14 (Lake Oswego Crafts and Art League), both of which produce an annual art show and sale.

My children are grown and gone and still I play with clay, often now with my grandchildren. My sculptures are made with a thrown base or multiple forms that are altered and individualized through hand-building.  I use several different clays and firing processes to achieve a desired end result.  Most of my work is figurative and whimsical in nature as my love of animals and folk art find expression in my sculptures.


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