Brenna Kimbro

“I enjoy creating pieces that are unusual, with organic qualities, textures, and unpredictable surprises. I also love exploring the potential of new materials and variations of mediums that can be captured on canvas, natural materials, or bronze. Through sculpture and painting, I hope to share love from my life that viewers can interpret in their own way. Horses have taught me about will, virtue, honesty, self acceptance, and what matters most in my life. I cherish them and still have so much to learn from them. Portraying them in art is wonderful.”

“As I develop a deeper understanding of self, I realize how strongly art is related to my state of mind. With reflection and introspection, my adoption, where I live, family, friends, community, horses, and art fill me with sincere gratitude. Honestly expressing myself allows me to be present in life. It creates the opportunity to seek an open heart, pursue an open mind, and love. I'm an individual with strengths and weaknesses who constantly transforms in this journey of life.”

Brenna Kimbro $ 3,800.00
Brenna Kimbro $ 12,000.00
Brenna Kimbro $ 5,200.00
Brenna Kimbro $ 30,000.00