Garden Illuminations

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Attending to the beauty of nature, this exhibition will take you on a peaceful stroll through garden scenes depicted in paintings by Marla Baggetta and earthen forms of ceramic sculptures by Don Sprague. Find your inspiration illuminated by the joyful beauty of vibrant colors, tactile textures, and freshness of outdoor expression through these artworks.

This collection of work has its genesis in a particularly beautiful afternoon visit to a close friend's garden last spring. The novelty of the play of light in the landscape unearthed a new approach to capturing natural subjects. This perceptual insight spilled over into a bountiful creative period inspiring a diverse set of paintings, all sharing that morning's garden illumination as their source.        - Marla Baggetta

“Through out a fifty year career working with clay a majority, if not of all, of my pieces have been created on the potter’s wheel. As an instructor I recently found that I was hurrying     my students through the basic skills of slab construction and more importantly building forms with coils, a process so basic to man’s first association with clay. The pieces in this show are a product of my re-engagement with these basic forming processes. The forms themselves are an expression of landscapes, puzzle pieces and “doodles”."        - Don Sprague


Don Sprague $ 3,000.00
Don Sprague $ 3,200.00
Marla Baggetta $ 4,700.00
Don Sprague $ 650.00
Marla Baggetta $ 3,000.00
Don Sprague $ 600.00
Marla Baggetta $ 3,400.00
Marla Baggetta $ 4,000.00
Don Sprague $ 450.00
Don Sprague $ 450.00
Don Sprague $ 3,200.00
Don Sprague $ 220.00
Don Sprague $ 220.00
Don Sprague $ 1,800.00
Don Sprague $ 2,600.00