James DeRosso

Ceramicist, Painter

James DeRosso was introduced to clay in a Jr High art class in The Dalles, Oregon, by instructor Ms. Orr, and he hasn't been able to keep his hands out of it since.  DeRosso received his college degree in Graphic Design, but spent most of his elective credits in the ceramic studio.  After college, he initially worked in advertising in what he refers to as "four years of unhappily plunking on a computer keyboard" before taking a commission job to make 200 custom ceramic vases. The completion deadline forced him to quit his graphics job and he never went back to "plunking."  DeRosso has been making and teaching ceramics for over 15 years, never expecting it to be more than a passionate hobby or that he would be on the teacher side of introducing children to clay.

The whole monster thing got started when I would create little guardian creatures that I placed on top of the kiln to ward off bad results during firings.  Friends wanted those monsters on top of the kiln more than what was coming out of the kiln.  I'm enjoying the whole monster-making niche, and the kinds of people that are attracted to it are the best part of it.



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