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Linda Hayes


Linda Hayes creates artisan jewelry that celebrates the romantic imagination and feminine aesthetic.  Most of her pieces are one-of-a-kind, and she produces limited collections seasonally.  From a long career in laboratory science comes careful attention to detail and an appreciation and use of quality materials.  It's a special interest of hers to combine vintage elements with gemstones, designing unique pieces imbued with history, nostalgia, or personal significance.

My surroundings influence and support my creative work.  My home is in a stand of tall oaks, and when working at night, I can step outside and see the winter moon through the silhouettes of gloriously twisted branches.  Or on a summer evening, pause to rest my eyes and smell the fragrant honeysuckle.  Often, this is just the break I need to see a gemstone layout with fresh eyes and make an adjustment that satisfies my design intent.  The construction process is sometimes repetitive and requires discipline, but this can be a type of meditation in itself.  I hope the beauty in my materials, designs, and craftsmanship finds resonance with you.

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