Robert Foster

Robert is an accomplished painter and sculptor. His painting are in the mediums of acrylic and watercolor and he sculpts in ceramics, bronze, stainless steel & aluminum. His paintings are born in impressionism and his sculptures extend to the cosmopolitan art of Noe-Traditional inspired mysticism. All of his works are original pieces. Heart of the Gorge Bronze foundry in Cascade Locks, OR, casts all of his bronze pieces with which he works very closely in the creation of each statue. Each sculpture is cast using the lost wax process. Robert’s works can be found in private collections throughout the United States and in Europe.

Robert has dedicating extensive energy to the arts, he has participated in and helped organize shows for his own and other local artist's works. He is one of the founding member of the Arts Commission of Lake Oswego, OR. His education is from the Arts Students League of New York to Syracuse University to a graduate degree form the University of California at Berkeley, CA.
Robert Foster $ 7,500.00