Ted Olson

Slashed by the mighty river between Oregon to the south and Washington to the north, the eastern end of the Columbia River Gorge is a fierce, rugged landscape of oak savanna, open grassland, fields of wildflowers, broken basalt buttes and, of course, the sky. Formed by the insistent forces of flood, wind, ice, and brutal heat, the landscape stands in testimony to the ravages faced by a biosphere locked in battle with both man and nature.

Ted Olson brings his impressions of these landscapes to life in oil paintings on panel. Striking presentations of luminous color, engaging texture, and subtle references to landforms create a rich exposition of these landscapes. The paintings call on a long tradition in landscape painting as well as the more modern trends in impressionism and abstract expressionism.

Olson resides in the Columbia River Gorge where he has been making art for many years.

Ted Olson $ 1,500.00