Water, Stone & Steel

Featuring Sculptural Artworks by Rand Scot-Smithey & Abstract Paintings by Tangie Pape-Belmore

August 15th - October 21st, 2023

Reception: Saturday, August 26th from 2-4pm

Explore a wondrous world of textures through intriguing combinations of cement, steel, wood, and canvas. 

In our gallery’s latest exhibition we present you with artworks created by Tangie Pape-Belmore and by Rand Scot-Smithey. As if in conversation, the artworks of these two artists speak to the beauty of natural formation and the flow of visual pathways. The surfaces and forms of each art piece will guide you towards observation, discovery, and an awakened imagination.

Rand Scot-Smithey $ 2,800.00
Rand Scot-Smithey $ 6,500.00
Rand Scot-Smithey $ 2,400.00
Rand Scot-Smithey $ 850.00
Rand Scot-Smithey $ 2,400.00
Rand Scot-Smithey $ 5,600.00