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Woodland Revived

Featuring Original works by Ken Austin, Carol Horvath, Kathleen Jones, and Scott Parrish.

Trees growing together in the woods create a natural barrier from what is going on around them. Spending time in the woods gives us peace, quiet, and a place sheltered from the chaos going on in other areas of life.

As we head into the winter season in Oregon, we are happy to be featuring a strong group of artists, for our show "Woodland Revived".

Beautifully depicted birch trees by Kathleen Jones have layer after layer of applied oil paints to build up a subtle, but color packed effect of natural bark. Woven sculptures and baskets of willow are not only created by Carol Horvath, but also grown and harvested as well. Scott Parrish is also harvesting his materials, and repurposing heritage trees from his property to have another life shared with others in the form of wood-turned platters, bowls, and lidded vessels. Ken Austin is working meticulously in combinining various species of wood to create one solid vessel or bowl, and in other works letting the natural shape of the wood be the direction he heads creatively.