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Michelle Knox

I am interested in creating sculptures and installations that consider their relationship to, about, and from the individual or the space they inhabit. To do this I employ a variety of abstracted visual cues that allude to the figure, the monumental, or the spiritual. The work I create is theatrical in nature and requires participation. This interface comes from simply navigating the space and extends itself to seeing oneself reflected on the often highly reflective surfaces.

These sculptures are created part-by-part and composed with a minimalist logic. I work in a diverse set of media that speaks to the history of sculpture: wood, concrete, and metal as well as glass. These materials are combined with traditional and non-traditional means. Scale and physicality are important aspects to my work. They speak both to the process of making, the literal physical interaction with large masses of material, as well as afford me the ability to speak to architecture – the scale larger than oneself.