... ... Transformation | ART Elements Gallery


Marilyn Higginson

August 21st - September 29th

"I have had a life-long attraction to stone. It has a timeless permanence that is somehow reassuring. That I can take an idea of stone and realize it from cold, shapeless paint or oozy, sticky clay gives me a sense of participating in that permanence.

The paintings are abstracts inspired by, but not strictly images of basalt. There are  fractures, veins, intersections in fields of color and texture.

Amphorae are time-encrusted vessels that have always fascinated me. Making them connects me with the people who made and used the first ones. 
While I am known for my moody oil landscapes, this exhibit revisits two- and three-dimensional work from my past, to see how the images and forms will manifest this time. I am enjoying the work and results."