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Carol Horvath

The beauty in both people and in the natural world inspires Carol’s work. She weaves into her sculptures and sculptural baskets the images and experiences of her lifetime. The materials she uses are primarily European basketry willows, native western red cedar, northwest sweetgrass and driftwood. However, she has experimented with many other plant and other materials. Carol was a basketry hobbyist until her retirement a few years ago, which now permits a full time pursuit of her passion. She has learned from many wonderful teachers associated with the local Columbia Basin Basketry Guild and the Seattle-based Northwest Basket Weavers. She has also traveled to study with European teachers. She is forever indebted to her weaving friends and teachers for sharing their friendship and skills.

Carol invites you to view all baskets as sculptural forms. As sculptures it may or may not be necessary to fill a basket with anything more than air! What do you like or dislike about what you behold? Are you drawn to the color, shape, size, symmetry, asymmetry, movement, other?