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Linda Workman-Morelli

I produce pit-fired pottery with the help of my husband, Mike, and our three children. I am a native Oregonian and have a Master’s degree in Teaching from Lewis and Clark College, as well as a BA in English from that institution and a BA in Art from Portland State University. I have also studied pottery in Maine and Colorado and at what is now the Oregon College of Art and Craft. In addition to receiving local and national recognition, photos of my work are in the book Hand-Built Ceramics, edited by Kathy Triplett. One night in 1993 I went to a meeting in McMinnville to investigate the possibility of forming a co-op gallery and the discussion gave birth to the Yamhill County Art Harvest Studio, now an annual event sponsored by the Arts Alliance. During the past 30 years I have been an educator working with mainstream, alternative, and special needs teenagers. All the while, in the wee hours of the morning, I have danced with clay in our studio. My work addresses environmental and/or spiritual themes, expressing my love of Nature and my understanding of the oneness of the universe.

Most of my work is hand-built; some is wheel thrown. All of my work is pit-fired, using a variation of traditional methods that have been used globally for centuries. Some pieces are burnished with a polished agate. Other vessels are painted with a salt and copper wash before firing. Each pit feels like an experiment, which enhances the thrill of the process. The variable atmosphere of the pit makes each piece unique. Contemporary pit-fired work is generally used as decorative art as the pieces are not watertight. However, I do treat some of my work such that it can be used outdoors as garden art.