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Tim Timmerman

Sculpture Artist

Tim Timmerman is a devoted maker and a professor of art at George Fox University in Newberg Oregon where he has lived and taught for nineteen years; walking to work.  He has mentored college students how to create for over twenty-five years.  Tim received his MFA from Washington

 State University, and his BS from Biola University in Los Angeles.  His work has been exhibited in over twenty-seven solo shows from Washington D.C. to Southern California, and he has participated in over sixty invitational, juried, and group exhibitions nationally.  With students Tim has traveled widely in Europe, and he has participated in art residencies in Ireland and the United States.  In addition to being an artist and professor, Tim has led over fifty experiential men’s weekends, is a humorist, sojourner, curator, writer, speaker, goodness seeker, storyteller, collector, truth hound and a steadfast friend, uncle and brother.

“My work is a place of hope and growth.  It is in a sense a manifestation of negotiating this thing called ‘life.’  I do that by creating assembled characters and artwork that are made up of the everyday stuff of our world.  I find it a joy transforming a set of object with a history into an allegorical character or curious shadow box, as those objects and all that they carry when put together, create a whole new story.  The characters in my work face fears, spell out hope and dive into sorrow and joy, proclaiming the perils and goodness of simply being human.”