Featuring Shari Lord & Donna LaPlante 

October 27th – January 7th
This fall ART Elements will be featuring two artists that ventured outside of their normal artistic elements to explore new creative directions. Shari Lord’s new collection features oil paintings that extend throughout Oregon’s borders from Pacific Ocean to the deserts of the east and the waterways that intersect and connect them all.
“These paintings celebrate my love of Oregon,” says Shari.
Fused glass artist, Donna LaPlante, has explored a world of formulated chaos in her new Shattershot bowl series of serve ware.

Greeting Formulated Chaos

Just one step out of my familiar zone of creating serveware with carefully placed line and world of formulated chaos. Still true to my desire to maintain order, this new direction allows me to carefully balance specific color combinations while leaving the final design presentation to the whims of the heat work done inside the kiln. The organic edge, the striking, often delicate, patterns and the dramatic effects created when working with reactive glasses are not totally left to chance, but enough so that a bit of mystery can flow into each piece of my Scattershot bowl series.

Artist Reception: Oct. 27th from 5 - 7 pm
Newberg First Friday: Nov. 4rd & Dec. 2nd from 5 – 8 pm
Show Closing: January 7, 2017


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