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Marta Farris


Marta Farris home and studio are located in Tualatin, Oregon. Marta creates her colorful, whimsical sculptures using recycled materials. She is inspired by Folk Art from around the world and how people make objects out of the materials around them. Cutting and welding together colored industrial steel from old farm equipment, Marta’s materials have a story of what they once were –tractors, harvesters or a truck.

I love the faded shades of red, yellow and orange the metal gets from sitting out in the sun. I like to work in bright colors, painting some pieces in bright enamel paint. I work in series – this year I have made a herd of sheep and horses, flowers and hearts. I am inspired by Art History, Folk Art and Travel, as well as artists such as Alexander Calder, Picasso, Matisse, Jim Dine and Georgia O’Keeffe. I sell my work to stores and go to Art Shows in the Northwest.