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New Rhythms

Our first show of the year is an alluring combination of colors, textures, patterns... and... artists that dove in to be immersed by the beauty of creating! 

Susan Greenbaum's abstract works are a combination of cold wax, oil, and mixed media. "My experimental mixed-media work uses texture and variations of my colorful palette to build layers of mystery and surprises into each piece.  The rhythmically expressive linework and mark-making guide the viewer throughout the painting and encourage personal interpretations and emotions.  Using techniques of adding and removing paint, the powerful design and strong contrasts often reveal a sense of the organic and natural world which inspires this intuitive process.

I seldom begin a painting with an idea of where I will end up.  I become completely immersed in the joy of exploring whatever medium I am drawn to use at that particular moment in time.  This method is totally in keeping with my own personality and willingness to  experience life and respond to what it presents.  My art is a pure conversation with the artistic choices I make and that dialogue allows the work to unfold. The end result expresses both the hand and the emotions of the artist--drawing on years of practice, education and reflecting in order to bring forward an intuitive work or art." - Susan Greenbaum

Don and Cindy Hoskisson have both been in the gallery for many years now - working individually and in recognizably different styles. We feel honored to present Don and Cindy's first series of collaborative work! "This show marks our first significant collaborative series.  Cindy does the throwing and Don the patterning.  We Decided early on in the process that we would not coordinate these efforts, but would instead relinquish creative control of these two major steps in the process to one another. Don does not know what the forms he will be given to embellish will look like, and Cindy does not know who the decorations will change the vessels she throws. This intentional creative strategy has introduced an element of playfulness and surprise into our working practice that is reflective of the symbiosis at the heart of our 37 year marriage. These pieces are equal parts Don and Cindy, equal parts surface and shape. We hope you enjoy encountering them as much as we have enjoyed creating them." - Don and Cindy Hoskisson "Two Potters"