The Art of the Allison Inn & Spa

The Austin Family, curators of the art and owners of The Allison Inn & Spa

Left to Right: Celia Austin, Ken Austin, Loni Parrish and Joan Austin

ART Elements Gallery features select artists from The Allison Inn & Spa and coordinates all of the outdoor sculptures located on the property. 

Featured ART Elements Gallery artists at the Allison Inn & Spa include:


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Roots, The Allison Inn & Spa's in suite magazine

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The Allison Inn & Spa's magazine.


The Art of the Allison Collection

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ART Elements owner, Loni Parrish, curated the private Art of the Allison collection along with her family in 2008. The collection represents over one hundred local and regional artists working in diverse media including fiber, glass, sculpture, wood, photography and painting. The collection focuses on the natural beauty of Oregon and celebrates the bounty of our great state.

What makes The Art of The Allison a distinctive collection are the people who created the artwork. They are an integral part of the “dream that Joan built.” This directory is a glimpse into the hearts and souls of those creative people who make the Art of The Allison Collection a rare gift to be enjoyed by guests from near and far.

Joan and her daughter Loni, son Ken and his wife Celia constituted the selection committee. Loni and her daughter Jessica were responsible for the Call to Artists and the logistics of organizing, purchasing, documenting, and hanging each of the 500 artworks ultimately chosen. Each of the 85 suites has at least three pieces of original art. Thirty-seven paintings, sculptures and glass pieces are available for the public to enjoy, in addition to a substantial collection in the Spa. Even Staff and Administration offices are filled with original art.

ART Elements Gallery features select artists from The Allison Inn & Spa and coordinates the sales and curation of all of the outdoor sculptures located on The Allison's property.  


The Art of the Allison Sculpture Gallery

In 2013, a group of artists approached the Austin family to display select sculptures from Pacific Northwest sculpture artists. The Allison's 30 acres of manicured gardens and meandering pathways is the perfect place to display a variety of sculptures ranging from modern abstract structures to majestic wildlife bronzes. 

Since 2013, ART Elements has sold and shipped sculptures throughout the US and are constantly adding new sculptures to the collection. All of the sculptures at the Allison are listed below. If you have any questions about the pieces, please contact the gallery at (503) 487-6141. 

Don MacLane $ 6,495.00
Robert Foster $ 7,500.00
Don MacLane $ 6,000.00
Rand Scot-Smithey $ 6,000.00
Rand Scot-Smithey $ 4,100.00
Ivan McLean $ 18,000.00
Ivan McLean $ 14,000.00
Ivan McLean $ 13,000.00
Ivan McLean Sold Out