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To Marvel & Sustain

Shining a light on Endangered Species

We are welcoming in 2020 with our opening show of the year, "To Marvel & Sustain". This show is specifically thought out, with the goal to shine a light on species that are currently facing the impacts of environmental change and threats of poaching. The group of artists, each in their medium of choice, have created remarkable works that depict various species that are vulnerable, endangered, or critically endangered. We hope this show provides a glimpse into the beauty of these animals and encourage the pursuit of education, conservation, and protection of all species and wildlife. 

A portion of sales will be donated to World Wildlife Fund. 

LARGE GROUP SHOW INCLUDING: Molly Reeves (oil), Rip and Alison Caswell (bronze sculpture), Meghan Hedley (sketches & painter), Shelly Fredenberg (ceramic), Kristy Lombard (ceramic), Sarah Joy Moore (watercolor), Christine Joy Swanson (oil), Brian Mock (reclaimed metal sculpture), Kylee Wiseman (watercolor), Mark Terry (ceramic), Emily Miller (ceramic & woven ghost net landscape baskets), and Sandy Visse (ceramic)