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ART Elements features a variety of ceramic artists who make pottery that is both functional and sculptural and fire in a wide range of techniques that include:

Bisqued fired ceramics with a rapid second fire. After the second fire the artwork is placed in combustible organic materials that leave one-of-a-kind markings and colorings.

Bisqued fired stoneware with a overnight/multi-hour second fire in a pit with smoldering organic materials. 

Functional pottery that is often food safe and more functional. Often exhibits the most consistent glazes.

Anagama wood-fired
Bisqued fired stoneware with a wood-fired second fire. The Pacific Northwest is most known for wood-firings in Anagama kilns.  These multi-week, time consuming firings are completed with around the clock teams that constantly stock and monitor the temperature of the firings.


Ceramic Artists
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James DeRosso
Cindy Hoskisson
Don Hoskisson
Kristy Lombard
Don Sprague
Mark Terry
Linda Workman-Morelli
Sandy Visse


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